Art & Therapy

'Here I Am Working On The Stage' is an ART THERAPY Work Program.
‘Your Spirit is Your Role in Life’
Be the Best Actor of the Team and Play the Leading Role!



Content: ‘Here I Am Working On The Stage’ Education Program, which contains sound, breathing, dance and sometimes art practices, aims promoting one’s self development, in other words, evolution.


Anyone who touches his own spirit feels better. Anyone who feels better, beams and as a result creates a shine. That moment the stage is yours.


‘Here I Am Working On The Stage’ is a 24hours Work Program. It increases productivity and stimulates innovative thinking. It also aims acquirements such as;


  • --- Skills for forming social relationships in a self-assured bearing

--- Speaking in a confident tone

    --- Understanding the true value of the moment







Part One

With the basic body exercises while we will gain competence to use our body as an instrument, we will also start breathing lesson which will provide one to control the body and the his own soul. In this program, we will use film frames as materials to make psychoanalytic explanations more understandable when we bring ‘’Dilemma Concept’’ up for discussion. At the end of the sessions, ‘Moment’ concept, in parallel with competences that we have to use on the stage when we are working such as ‘Decision Making’ and ‘Free Will’ mechanisms will be emphasized. This is a 12 hour session.


Part Two

Each practice starts with special body exercises. The theme of this part is ’Evolution of the Hero’. Dilemma Solving Competences of the Hero will be shown by means of samples from some well known movies and acting will be done through sound lessons. Actings are about two basic dilemma of human beings; the feeling of Belonging and Freedom. Part Two is also a 12 hours sessions.



Subject: 'Here I Am Working On The Stage' Education Program
Number of People: 12-16 people
Duration of the Program: Total 24 hours;
Option 1.Saturday – Sunday 6 hours (fortnights)
Option 2. Whole Saturday or Sunday (four weeks)

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